FAM group pic

IMPACT is a 3 day/2 night summer orientation program for students that have been accepted into the AAMI Freshmen Cohort. All meals, lodging, and entertainment costs are covered by KSU. During IMPACT, attendees will meet the other cohort members, learn more about the AAMI program, and learn how to successfully transition into college life.

  • The objectives of IMPACT are:

    • Introduce students to the staff and support services of the Cultural and Community Centers.
    • Allow students to preview “college living” by staying in the Kennesaw Campus Residence Halls.
    • Help students establish relationships and support networks with other AAMI students.
    • Learn more about the AAMI program including the AAMI Learning Community, AAMI peer mentoring structure, and our academic support programs.
  • Thursday, July 8th...starting at 5:00pm

    • AAMI Welcome Dinner
    • AAMI Program Overview
    • Brotherhood Olympics
    • Unpack and Check-In Residence Halls

    Friday, July 9th

    • AAMI Learning Community and Academic Support
    • Class Registration
    • Mentorship Structure
    • AAMI Ambassador breakout sessions
    • FAM Cohort Social Activity

    Saturday, July 10th ...departing at 2:00pm

    • Ambassador Mentor Selection
    • Mentorship Structure
    • Pack and Check-out Residence Halls